4 reasons why everyone loves Hartbeat candy

  • September 16, 2018

Do you love candy?
Here’s 6 reasons why everyone does……..

1. Hartbeat is everywhere
Hartbeat’s candy is good during every season. In summer, you can cool off from mental or refreshing from lime salt and in Valentine day, you can bring out romantic moment by your favorite flavor of hartbeat love candy.

2. There’s Endless Amounts of Flavors
Don’t like strawberry? Not a fan of Tamarine. No matter what you like, Hartbeat‘s candy flavor out there for you.

3. Sad, lonely, you have us.
The secret is referred to candy color. When our brain receives the sugar, the nervous system will delete the chemical such as serotonin to help us feel better, decrease depression, and increase the happiness.

4. Make you feel younger.
This feeling not only refers to love but also refer to Hartbeat. Heartbeat reminds us with joy and freedom within the shape of heart. The package is contained the fortune or the massage that we can sent to the other with fun.